About our practice

Veterinarian Annemieke Calis is a leading practice in this region, providing services in animal healthcare. With our qualified and experienced staff, state-of-the-art technology, commitment to ongoing education, and genuine care for both animals and owners, we deliver services that distinguish themselves in craftsmanship and the dedication of our veterinarians, paraveterinarians, and assistants. We are one of the few practices to have received the Gold Cat-Friendly certification. We believe in providing the highest quality care and achieving complete customer satisfaction through the combined efforts of our excellent team.

About our team

The team at Veterinarian Annemieke Calis consists of individuals who are all dedicated to working with animals and people. You will often find volunteers and interns at our practice, contributing their time and knowledge to support the work of Veterinarian Annemieke Calis. With our team, we are engaged every day in pursuing our mission: to provide personalized care to both animals and owners with the latest knowledge and skills. Our assistants are usually the first point of contact and will assist you with your inquiries. Additionally, they support in treatments and surgeries, manage inventory, maintain a clean practice, and handle various other tasks. This ensures that you can always rely on the best care for your pet.

Annemieke Calis

Since 2012, Annemieke Calis has been the proud owner of the practice. She holds a clear vision of what quality care entails. In addition to striving for the best medical care, she emphasizes the importance of maintaining personal connections with the owners. This philosophy is instilled in her team as well. Furthermore, Annemieke actively pursues continuous education to deepen her knowledge and uphold the quality of care at the highest level.

Lisa Vegter

Lisa has been working with Annemieke for several years and has proven to be a valuable asset to our practice. She has a genuine interest in dentistry and actively pursues multiple continuing education opportunities in this field. Lisa takes on almost all dental procedures, showcasing her expertise in this area. In addition, she is highly skilled in handling routine appointments and proficiently performs many standard surgeries.

Magdalena Rosinska

Magdalena joined our team as a veterinarian in 2023. She completed her studies at the highly respected faculty of Breslavia and, after gaining practical experience in Poland, she is now contributing her skills in the Netherlands. Her exceptional empathy for both animals and owners quickly establishes a sense of trust. Magdalena is a fantastic addition to our team, complementing our efforts seamlessly.

Marijke van Vianen-Seegers

Marijke is our multitasker extraordinaire. As a manager, she takes on as many administrative tasks as possible, relieving Annemieke of these responsibilities. Marijke oversees the procurement of all medications and nutrition, and she also manages and directs the team in their daily duties. Her energetic work ethic serves as an example for the numerous interns under her guidance.

Desiree van der Vuurst

Desiree has been with us since 2018, serving as a veterinary assistant. She has evolved into a highly experienced and skilled team member. In addition to assisting during consultations, she adeptly assists clients at the front desk. Desiree also plays a significant role in the laboratory and demonstrates great proficiency in aiding during surgeries. Her commitment to both owners and animals, as well as her colleagues, makes her an indispensable team member.

Heleen Colijn

Heleen is a well-known name for many people in and around Uithoorn. After a long period of owning a dance school with her husband, she decided it was time to embark on a different path. She has become an integral part of the team as a certified paraveterinary professional. In addition to front desk duties and assisting the veterinarian during consultations and surgeries, Heleen also independently performs paraveterinary procedures.

Denise Gortzak

Denise Gortzak is sinds 2021 bij ons werkzaam. Zij komt uit de winkelbranche maar heeft besloten dat haar hart toch meer uitgaat naar het werken met dier en mens. Haar oplettendheid en behulpzaamheid komen goed tot zijn recht tijdens de baliewerkzaamheden en bij het telefonisch contact.

Annemarie Rombouts

Annemarie is sinds 2023 bij ons werkzaam als assistente. Ze komt uit een andere branche maar is eindelijk haar hart achteraan gegaan en doet nu werk waar ze gelukkig van wordt. Met haar opgewektheid is zij een fijne toevoeging aan ons team zowel aan de telefoon, balie of in de spreekkamers.