Are you not sure?

During office hours you can call our regular phone number. Outside office hours we offer a unique service. You can send a WhatsApp, Telegram or SMS message to:


Clearly describe the issue and who it concerns. We will respond as soon as possible with advice. Please note that not just any doctor will not respond; Annemieke and here team will assess the problem and provide guidance on what to do. This service is intended exclusively for non-urgent matters that do not require immediate attention.

If you feel that you cannot wait for a response, please call one of the emergency clinics listed below immediately.


Evidensia Spoedkliniek

De Heining 10

1161PA Zwanenburg


Spoedkliniek MCD

Isolatorweg 45

1014AS Amsterdam


Spoedkliniek Utrecht

Yalekaan 108

3584CM Utrecht

+3190022230 00